Peer Support/Mentoring

​​AHANA is all about AHAs supporting AHAs.


Fill out a Peer Support request for our peer team to answer your AHA question or Mentoring form to become a mentor.


Scroll over the Peer Support/Mentoring bar to select your page or click on one of the buttons below. This will allow you to view, fill out a form.

I would like some support?

New in your position?

Recently had a promotion - new to your grade?

Sole AHA in your organisation?

Do you need someone to talk to?

Not sure if your role is meeting your scope of practice?

Or do you have some questions?

Click on the link below and complete a get in touch form. Please include as much information about the type of support you require to match you with the right person.

Taping a shoulder wound

I would like to offer support

Do you have mentoring, peer support experience and can offer support, mentoring to another AHA? We would love to hear from you.

Register to be matched to someone who's looking for support. Head to our get in touch page, outline what type of your support your offering and list your area(s) of expertise.

Provide your contact details if you wish for a call back.